From our sunset spot, you can taste the romance

Italico Mykonos holds one of the best sunset spots on the island of Mykonos just for you and there are tastes and feelings to be shared.


Memento vivere

Delectable tastes amidst a stunning view of Mykonos Chora and the Aegean

“We eat with our eyes too.” This is something we profoundly believe here in Italico Mykonos and it is the reason why we decided to establish our restaurant not somewhere in Mykonos, but on the ultimate location; the most dazzling veranda of the island. Dine against a horizon that serenades. Marvel at sunsets that seduce the senses… Mykonos in all its glory!

The View

Our World Revolves Around the Sunset

Italico Mykonos restaurant takes great pride in its privileged location, towering above the dreamy Chora and boasting unmatched panoramas of white and blue grace. Take a deep breath as you take in vistas found nowhere else, as the last moments of the sun adorn Mykonos in gold and the stars bedazzle the night. A view of heaven.


Meet our tasteful art of seduction

Refreshing drinks and inspired libations, premium spirits and selected wine and champagne labels from Greece and all around the world comprise the Drinks List of Italico Mykonos. Along with the boundless inspiration of our experienced mixologists, wonders arise to match your mood and the vibrant brio of Mykonos. Let them lead the way to fun nights you’ll always remember.


The perfect location exists

Italico Mykonos is located just a few steps from Mykonos Chora. On a spacious veranda overlooking the Chora, you will admire stunning panoramas of the iconic town, the neighbouring island of Baos and Delos, the Aegean Sea and, of course, the enchanting Mykonian sunset that never fails to leave us all speechless…

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