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A passion for taste to match the Italian zest for life

An enchanting experience set above taste and beyond summer entertainment awaits at Italico Mykonos.


Vive ut Vivas

Experience the tastes of Italy through contemporary artistry

Our dishes are the personification of devotion to quality and a celebration of creativity. As much as we love tradition, we also love to add something new, personal and unique; our talent! Stemming from this desire, we daily introduce our guests to a contemporary and sophisticated interpretation of Italy’s best and most delicious!


Italian Cuisine

The evolution of Italian taste

Combining the effortless comfort of a traditional osteria with the refined elegance of Mykonos, Italico serves authentic Italian and Mediterranean gastronomy with a refreshing twist. Homemade pasta, sumptuous barbeques and woodfired pizza tempt the palate and please all senses, exciting our minds and hearts upon listening to the sound of the name “Italico”. Embark on a gastronomic journey to Italy, with all the dazzling components of a fun dining experience, as offered to you by Italico Mykonos.


A Greco-Roman Affaire

In the ancient land of Phrygia, the god Maeandrus, the son of Oceanus, ruled over a river that wandered on a winding course all the way up to the Aegean Sea. His deceptive form haunted the art and imagination of multiple civilizations. To trace the source of this inspiration, one should rather start from the Greco-Roman tradition. From the meander-adorned mosaics of Delos to the ruins of ancient Roman villas all across the Mediterranean and further away, this ancient affaire is long. Here, on the shores of Mykonos, we chose to represent our unique identity in the form of a labyrinthine meander for it is simple, yet mystifying, like life itself and it conveys a shared heritage that still inspires us. Because we believe that if life is a labyrinth, there must be a delicious secret within. Italico Mykonos will lead you to its core.

The Chef

Secret artistry and contemporary knowledge

Experienced in leading and managing top-level restaurants, bars and events, Chef Alessandro Verdenelli was born in Rome and he approached the culinary world at a very young age. A highly talented, creative and passionate chef with an impressive resume as an award-winning Executive Chef, Food & Beverage Director and Senior Culinary & Hospitality professional with an extensive track record of success in high profile restaurants is now cooking for a memorable Mykonos fun dining experience at Italico.


Something perfect for every hour.

Check out our irresistible tastes and fine wine and drinks list that will keep you coming back for more.


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